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Careers in Real Estate

We are ALWAYS looking for amazing talent. If that's you, please inquire within!

REALTORS-  100% Confidential i=Interviews

What We Are NOT-

  • Required floor time

  • Quantity (A large amount of agents doing a little business each) over Quality (Boutique smaller firm with elite performing agents)

  • Franchise Fees

  • Nickel & dime desk/phone/printing/E & O insurance fees

  • Paid training

  • Micro-management

  • Forced to wear our logo everywhere you go

What We ARE-

  • Team-orientated boutique luxury firm - a work-family

  • Mission -To improve our professional AND personal lives (Make more money yet see your family more)

  • High level of client care, high expectations, etc.  We want you to be a better version of yourself - and we will help you get there.  Easier.  

  • Two full-time (Over 40 years experience combined) licensed office professionals to help you succeed

  • Committed to your success

  • High-level free office training

Call Our Realtors at 810-600-2060 for FREE Consultations

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