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What are Homebuyers Looking For in 2021? Here Are the Hottest Outdoor Features

If you live in the Davidson Area, and you’re thinking of finally selling your home, you’ll be in luck. As a result of low inventory, the real estate industry has shaped into a prevalent seller’s market in the last few months, so you’ll definitely see plenty of buyer attention when you finally place that ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn.

However, with the vaccine distribution heating up, the market will most likely see more and more competition as the months go on, so it’s always a good idea to spruce up your home amenities before selling.

With a very unexpected year behind us and a drastic shift in world norms, buyer needs have shifted as well. Now that homeowners are restricted to certain stay-at-home orders, a huge focus of buyer attention will now be on your outdoor spaces. Keep reading to see the hottest outdoor features buyers are looking for!

Backyard, patio, and deck additions

A functional backyard — with plenty of dedicated space for entertaining — will not only be a fun addition for you, but a financially rewarding one as well. For instance, the average patio costs $3,269 but adds $3,563 value to your home.

Especially if you’re aiming for the high-end market, an outdoor entertaining space is crucial. Once you have a patio, adding privacy hedges or fences will give your backyard an intimate, party-read feel.

Don’t stop there. A fire pit — while inexpensive — usually sees an average return on investment of over 60%. In addition, according to HomeLight’s Q4 2020 survey, the majority of real estate agents (54%) selected a fire pit as the top outdoor amenity buyers want to see in the new year. This is especially true in the midwest region, where 59% of real estate agents believe the fire pit is the most desired outdoor amenity.

Outdoor kitchens, wireless outdoor speaker systems, privacy features, and sun shades are also huge draws for potential buyers, and will surely keep your family entertained prior to your sale.

A functional roof and windows

As a rule of thumb, functionality is always the name of the game. While a roof replace may be an expensive endeavor, the result usually recoups about 94% of the investment.

You might think roofing replacements may not catch the eye of many buyers, but, when it comes down to pricing your home, a new roof will surely help you increase your value. Not to mention, new roofs can last up to 100 years, so the investment will last a long time.

Another huge draw for buyers? Low energy costs. Buyers will spend over $8,000 to save $1,000 a year on utility bills. Old windows can result in heating and cooling bills that are 10-20% more expensive in comparison to energy-efficient windows, so replacing your old windows could be a very smart move prior to sale.

Still not sure where you should start? It’s never a bad idea to seek the advice of top real estate agents in your area, so contact us today!


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Harry Kane
Harry Kane
20 de jul. de 2023

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